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What’s Your Productivity Score? 12 Questions – Take the Quiz!

You may think you’re a super productive person, but let’s see how productive you really are, based on science and statistics. We created this 12 question quiz as huge lesson on productivity. Remember, the answers to these 12 questions are based on researched and well documented science statistics and studies from productivity professionals around the world.

Can you score “Super Productive?  Not too many people can.

Ready, set, go…

Ready, set, go…


So what does this mean? Well, like I said, this quiz was based on case studies and real productivity from the world’s best productivity researchers. If you didn’t get a perfect score, that means you’re not being as productive as you can be.

For the few that are “Super Productive”, nice work. For the rest of you, it’s never too late to become super productive.

As more people take the test, I’ll update percent of people who are “Super Productive”.

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  • brittmalka

    Bad quest. Lacking a lot of reply options. And fruits and veggies for breakfast? Why not just eat a pound of sugar?

    • Ya…i had issue with that one too. But after doing some research here is what I found.

      Sugar from fruit is only bad in very large amounts, and that is very hard to do when eating raw fruit. Also, when eating the fruit or vegetables, it’s so important to eat the skin to get all the nutrients. That’s why many nutritionists are against juicing.

      In all, I prefer mostly veggies and fruit for breakfast, with a small protein, like a boiled egg.

      Thanks for taking the quiz.

  • Maxim Dsouza

    This productivity quiz needs to be relooked at. A lot of it has been done based on what is right for the person who created this. Having worked on improving productivity of many people, the author needs to understand that productivity is subjective and varies from person to person. Stating that the assumptions made is the only right way at productivity is like saying real estate is the only way to become a millionaire.

    Let me go through some examples:
    Exercising in the morning: Works well for many people. As for a small portion like myself working out in the morning leads to fatigue during the day. I am much more productive working out in the evening. The assumption that everyone’s body is the same is incorrect. Any certified gym trainer will confirm this.

    Being very happy at work: To be productive you need to do things which you sometimes do not enjoy. Persistence and discipline leads to better results than relying on being motivated all the time. All time motivation is a myth. Even the most successful people are not motivated 100% of the time.

    Checklists: I know super productive execs who manage long lists and other business tycoons who work without a checklist. Checklists are not the only way to success. Some go only by tracking their day to day tasks to achieve massive results.

    Checking emails: Some people work in an environment where checking emails in the afternoon is too late. What about a person running a start up of ecommerce? If he waited till afternoon to check emails, his start up will be doomed. I do agree that emails should not be checked first thing in the morning. But saying that checking in the afternoon is the best is thinking in a silo.

    Coffee: Saying that you must drink coffee to be productive is extremely bad advice. I hope you take that question off. If you are relying on a stimulant to make you productive you have got it wrong. The research only says that there is a correlation and you are associating causation.

    Listening to Music: Listening to anything reduces productivity of many people like me. If you have read the book Deepwork from Cal Newport, there are a ton of people who achieve success by intense focus. Music, no matter how sooting or meditational is a distraction for some people. It helps some people concentrate and it kills productivity of some others.

    In my opinion, this quiz is too generalized and does more harm than good. I sincerely request you to redo the quiz because this can damage the morale of people who are actually looking to improve. It is incorrect to associate a right answer for any of these questions. In many of the studies you have stated it is mentioned that “many” or “majority” of the people achieved better results. It clearly does not say everyone. What about the others who did not achieve better results? It is no surprise that most people do not get a score of 12 on this quiz because there are no right answer to most of these questions.

    Please email me at if you would like to talk about this.