Productivity Quiz

What’s Your Productivity Score? 12 Questions – Take the Quiz!

You may think you’re a super productive person, but let’s see how productive you really are, based on science and statistics. We created this 12 question quiz as huge lesson on productivity. Remember, the answers to these 12 questions are based on researched and well documented science statistics and studies from productivity professionals around the world.

Can you score “Super Productive?  Not too many people can.

Ready, set, go…

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So what does this mean? Well, like I said, this quiz was based on case studies and real productivity from the world’s best productivity researchers. If you didn’t get a perfect score, that means you’re not being as productive as you can be.

For the few that are “Super Productive”, nice work. For the rest of you, it’s never too late to become super productive.

As more people take the test, I’ll update percent of people who are “Super Productive”.

Have a great day and please share!