15 Reasons Marketers Love Publishing Checklists on Checkli

Content is King. But creating awesome content takes time, money and resources that most marketers don’t have. That’s why marketers love publishing free checklists on Checkli. It’s an easy and fast way to create and market valuable, interactive content for free, and without hiring additional resources.

As a marketer myself, I know how hard it is to make quality content that customers read, value and share. Personally, I don’t know of a better way to share information than a checklist. People get bombarded with thousands of new articles to read every day. That’s why many of us skim content, instead of reading it.

If I want to know what entrepreneur books Bill Gates recommends, I don’t want to read fluff from the author. Give me a checklist of the books, so I can start reading them off one-by-one.

If I’m visiting Paris for the first time this year, give me a checklist of places to visit, don’t tell me your about your entire family trip in a long boring blog post.

Get it?

Why do marketers love Checkli?

1. Publishing a checklist only takes ~ 20 minutes

Why spend hours and hours blogging, when publishing a checklist only takes 20 minutes? Plus, checklists are way easier to read and understand. That’s why marketers love publishing checklists on Checkli. Think of Checkli as a Youtube for Checklists. But instead of publishing videos, marketers publish checklists for free.

2. Checkli gets millions of views

Checkli is super popular. We get 100 times more traffic than most blogs. Checkli gets millions of visitors and page views each year, and all of those people are looking to make or copy free checklist, business processes and workflows.

3. Checkli is free

Anyone can create, copy or download checklists for free. We don’t charge anything to use all the basics. We only charge for super cool upgrades and features. I think that’s fair. It helps us pay for things like server costs and ice cream.

4. Get on Page #1 of Google Search Results, fast!
Published checklists on Checkli are very, very, very SEO-friendly. Many of our published  checklists often get ranked on the 1st page of Google. This is a huge opportunity for you to rank really high in search engines and really quickly.

Featured Snippet Bullet

According to Hosting Facts, 4 million new blog posts are published each day. So it can seems impossible to compete for traffic and age #1 rankings. So, don’t waste all of your time blogging. Checkli is a powerful, SEO-friendly website. Our published checklists get ranked on page #1 of Google all the time.

5. Tracking views, downloads and copies is free and easy!

Every week we email free stats on how well your checklists are performing. You’ll see how many views, copies and downloads your checklists are getting. Many marketers just forward or copy that data over for their clients, and clients are super duper excited with the stats, as well they should be. You can also check that stat and more on your personal profile  24/7.

6. Live Listing

You can update your published checklists while they are live. Marketers start a checklist, publish on a social media channel, like a Facebook group, and ask follows and friends to submit ideas to the checklist.

For example, start a checklist like “Favorite Things to Do in Miami”. And as people comment with suggestions, you can respond and update the checklist in realtime for them to see.

7. Checklists are interactive

81% of marketers said interactive content is much better at getting customers than static content, like blog posts. All published checklists are interactive at Checkli. Anyone can copy and complete your branded, published checklists, and that’s huge for building brand awareness.

8. Anyone can download checklist PDFs for free!

People love PDFs. It’s something they can save, print and keep forever, for free. And the best part is that those Checklist PDFs will have your branding and contact information all over them. It’s like handing out a flyer to thousands of potential customers.

9. Swap checklists for email addresses

Checklists are by far the most popular way to get email subscribers. Give your blog readers a valuable bonus checklist (or content upgrade) in exchange for them subscribing to your blog. That’s a pretty fair deal and a super popular way that professional grow their email lists.

10. Get featured on Checkli’s home page!

Every week, the best and most popular checklists get featured on the home page of Checkli, and our home page gets an insane amount of traffic. The checklists that are featured there get way more downloads and way more copies made.

11. The weekly email blast (My 5 Favorite Free Checklists)

Every week Checkli blasts out our 5 favorite free checklists, processes, and workflows to over 100,000 people. Your published checklist could be on that list.

12. Published checklists can be easily shared on social media

Checklist can be shared just as easy as blog posts. Simply share the link to your published checklist on your favorite social media channel as much as you want.

13. Get more website visitors

I bet Checkli will be one of the top ways you get website traffic. We get so many visitors to Checkli and all your published checklists will be giant doorways to your website. Be prepared for lots for traffic, leads, and sales.

14. Personalize your checklists

Marketers add fonts, colors, different styles, links, featured images and so much more to all of their checklists including published checklists and PDFs. You can even add a “Pro” status next to all of your published checklists so they stand out from the competition.

15. Links to your website!

You’ll have your own free public profile dedicated to you and all of your amazing checklists. And yes, you can link to your website to drive as much traffic, leads and sales as possible.


Checkli is free, so what are you waiting for? Click here to start publishing checklists, valuable process and workflows for your target market to copy, download and share.

There’s not too many faster ways to build your brand, and drive traffic to your website.

Checkli is a gold mine!