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A Free and Easy Way to Collaborate for Free

Sometimes you just need a free tool that’s quick and easy. No sign ups, no login and no hassle. We totally agree and that’w why we added a quick and easy way to collaborate with team members, family, or friends for free.

How it works:

1. Make a free checklist on Checkli (No login required)
2. Share the link in the right sidebar
3. Recipients must enter their name before completing tasks

That’s it. You can see who completed which tasks. Quick, easy and free!

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Step-by-step instructions:

1. Make a free checklist. (No login required)
These blue buttons are all over You can make a quick, free, and easy checklist from any page. No login or sign up required.

free collaboration tools

2. Share the link in the right sidebar.
Look for the link in the right sidebar to copy and share with anyone. You can also preview your checklist before sharing.

free collaboration app

3. Recipients enter their name, and checkoff tasks.
Before completing tasks recipients will be asked for their name or initials so you can see who completed what tasks.

free project management app free project management app

A few collaboration ideas:

Blog posts to write
Gifts to buy
Things to bring to a party
Small projects to finish
Bugs to fix
Gaming tasks
Non-profits business tasks
Work to finish
People to contact
Businesses to reach out to
Chores around the house
and so much more!

There are so many small projects that we need to complete together and Checkli is the perfect tool for quick and easy collaborating. Enjoy the free features and be sure to tell us how we can improve.

Try our free collaboration tool

Thanks for reading!