Free Content Marketing Checklist with Daily, Weekly, and Monthly Tasks

Content marketing is a huge marketing component of your blogging strategy. You spend a lot of time writing your content so the next step should be getting it out there for readers to find it.

Blogging and digital marketing are some of the top industries in the world. Did you know there are over 600 million blogs in the world and there are 30 million active bloggers that post at least once a month? Yep, it’s true. ... 

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How to embed a checklist

How to Embed a Checklist on Your Website or Blog

It’s free and easy to embed checklists on your website or blog. And when I say easy, I mean that it literally takes seconds, not even minutes. You can embed checklists on WordPress sites, custom html website, Wix, SquareSpace, and just about any other website on the web. “Checkli is a like a Youtube for checklists.” ... 

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Sober October Challenge

Sober October Challenge: Free Checklist and Calendar

Computers aren’t the only machines that occasionally need a reset. Our mind, body and often need resets as well. A reset can be a time to reflect, a time to relax, and a time to get healthy. The month of October has officially been designated as that time. Welcome to Sober October. ... 

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15 Clever Ways Marketers Use Checkli to Boost Traffic

Content is King. But creating awesome content takes time, money and resources that most marketers don’t have. That’s why marketers love publishing free checklists on Checkli. It’s an easy and fast way to create and market valuable, interactive content for free, and without hiring additional resources. ... 

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Why process are important in the workplace

Why Processes are Important in the Workplace

When a group of top Doctors at John Hopkin’s Hospital were tasked with using a 5-step process and procedure checklist to reduce line infections in the ICU, they scoffed at the very idea of something so trivial. After all, they were the world’s best doctors, surely they could remember 5 simple tasks each time the perform a routine process. However, after long periods of continuous observation, it was found that one of those simple five tasks were routinely missed 2/3 of of the time. ... 

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free online collaboration tools

A Free and Easy Way to Collaborate for Free

Sometimes you just need a free tool that’s quick and easy. No sign ups, no login and no hassle. We totally agree and that’w why we added a quick and easy way to collaborate with team members, family, or friends for free.

How it works:

1. Make a free checklist on Checkli (No login required)
2. Share the link in the right sidebar
3. Recipients must enter their name before completing tasks ... 

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How to Rank in Google's featured Snippets with checklists

How to Easily Rank in Google’s Featured Snippets

On top of the endless mountain of Google search results lies a spot so sacred, marketers and SEO experts will stop at nothing to conquer, proclaim, and mark their territory. This top search result shows partial and full answers to the billions of questions asked of Google each day. So, the questions is, how do you get your content to show up in Google featured snippets? ... 

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Productivity Quiz

What’s Your Productivity Score? 12 Questions – Take the Quiz!

You may think you’re a super productive person, but let’s see how productive you really are, based on science and statistics. We created this 12 question quiz as huge lesson on productivity. Remember, the answers to these 12 questions are based on researched and well documented science statistics and studies from productivity professionals around the world. ... 

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Productivity Tips for College Students

20 Powerful Productivity Tips for College Students

College is a new and exciting experience for all of us. You’re on your own for the first time in your life. Your parents are a million miles away. There’s nobody to nag you. There’s nobody telling you to clean your room and what time to be home. Your totally free for the first time in your life. ... 

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time machine 20 regrets

20 Things I Wish I Could Tell Myself 20 Years Ago

People love to say, “Never regret anything.” Well, that’s bullshit. Regret is a natural and important human emotion. It helps us learn from our mistakes, and it helps us educate younger generations so they don’t make the same mistakes we did. ... 

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