Our Teachers
Glen Scullion
Glen Scullion is the go to guy. Working with Adam for the last twenty five years he has been teaching with the school since 2003. Certified therapist and yoga instructor, Scullions understanding of the anatomical form makes him a very knowledgeable and experienced professor. Coupled with his love for nature and physical activity, Scullion demonstrates a patience that helps his students develop a mindfulness that is beneficial to the practice of massage therapy. Learn all you can from his classes.

Nathalie Ledoux
Nathalie Ledoux has been practicing massage therapy since 1993. Starting with a foundation of Swedish massage from L’École de Kiné-concepte Montréal, Ledoux has since added cancer treatment, prenatal, and chair massage techniques to her expertise. Passionate about health care in general, Ledoux presents herself as well rounded practitioner as she adds nutrition, and physical activity practices to her studies in Naturopathy and yoga instruction. Ledoux always brings the most she can to her clientele. These attributes have made Ledoux a valuable asset to the team as she enters her eighth year of teaching for Mr. Adam Pazaj. Hurry and sign up for her classes as she loves to share her knowledge.

Mark Filipov
Mark Filipov practices a pure European style of osteopathy at his private clinic in the West Island of Montreal. He is formally trained and educated in Special Care and holds a Bachelor of Science in Osteopathy, a Diploma of Osteopathic Manual Practice, a Doctorate in Osteopathy as well as post graduate education in Chronic Pain Management from the University of Minnesota. A knowledgeable and dedicated practitioner, his individualized approach helps patients overcome chronic pain through manipulative therapy and attention to the relationship between structure and function in the body.

Anne Archambault
Anne has a degree from UBC in Recreation Therapy and a Master in Education from “l’Université de Montreal”. She has worked with people of all ages as well as with people with special needs. Specifically with traumatic brain injury, cognitive issues such as Alzheimer and more. She currently shares her passion for health teaching in the Applied Human Science department at Concordia University and has a business called Recreation plus offering adapted Yoga classes and lectures to various groups. She has done her Fitness training certification and is a trained massage therapist as well. Her goal is to make health contagious, to support joy in looking forward to sharing her passion with you!

Adam Pazaj
Adam Pazaj founded the Massotherapie Adam massage clinic at the YMCA Pointe-Claire in 1991. Prior to opening his clinic, he studied massage therapy and naturopathy extensively in Iran, Japan and Germany, and worked as a medical technician for 7 years at the Royal Victoria Hospital in Montreal. In 2003, Adam expanded his reach by opening the Ecole Massothérapie Adam, where he and a team of experienced therapists share their knowledge and techniques while spreading passion for relaxation and well being. He went on to found two associations : The Société Nouvelle de Massothérapeute du Québec (SNMQ) in 2004 and The Société Nouvelle de Naturopathie du Québec (SNNQ) in 2011.

Jamila Al-Ayech Barquin
Jamila Al-Ayech Barquin’s path towards healing of the Self started in 2009 in India where she began learning about yoga, meditation, massage therapy, Ayurveda, and the importance of approaching the body holistically. In 2011, Jamila traveled to the Himalayan region of Netala and completed a Sivananda Yoga Teachers’ Training. Her journey finally brought her to Thailand, where she had the great fortune to study Thai Yoga Massage in Chiang Mai. Upon her return to Canada, she has continued immersing herself in massage therapy knowledge and is currently a certified naturotherapist with over 3000 hours of courses hours and treatments given.

Cynthia Jabre
Cynthia Jabre specializes in the field of Ashiatsu massage. With over five years experience in the field, Jabre’s Montreal based clientele are always guaranteed quality service. Always wanting to improve and further her knowledge, Jabre has enrolled herself in an apprenticeship program in the field of Ashiatsu massage. She has completed one year of this apprenticeship so far. Jabre’s passion and motivation are but a few key qualities that make her classes a “must attend.” Come learn with her as she shares how to help improve the lives of others through the art of Ashiatsu massage.

Kim Young
Kim Young is a Registered Massage Therapist from l'École de Massothérapie Adam. Very active in the field for the past two years, Kim now works in a spa in the West Island. Kim loves her profession and she feels that her clients experience this passion while they are receiving a massage. She continues her studies in massage techniques under the guidance of the School director himself Adam Pazaj. Kim Young has always loved massage, and is so happy to share her passion for this beautiful art with her students that will study under her. Kim quotes, “My most favourite massage to give is prenatal. To be able to exchange energy between mother and child is a very special gift.