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Massage Courses
Acupressure: Chair Massage
Acupressure, also known as Chair Massage uses the principles of acupuncture to locate pressure points on the body where the the hands and/or elbows provide the pressure needed to relieve areas of tension.

Chinese Massage
Chinese Massage focuses its technique around trying to increase the circulation of the body’s vital energy, also known as QI. With a strong focus on the breath Chinese Massage uses acupressure and simple touch to guide the client to a position of mental and physical relaxation.

Cranial Sacral Therapy & Myofacial Release
Cranial Sacral Therapy focuses on neuroskeletal health by its attention on micro movements of the base of the skull and the sacrum, used to restore proper alignment of the vertebral column. This creates clear pathways for the nerves to branch out from the spinal column to perform its required tasks effectively. Myofacial Release aims to return shortened muscles from overuse back to its lengthened, relaxed state by means to adding pressure to trigger points to release the muscle from its contracted stated. These techniques coupled together are a great tool to restore the proper postural alignment needed to perform daily activities without experiencing pain and physical limitations.

Deep Tissue Massage
Deep Tissue massage is used to restore balance back to the musculoskeletal system. Great for chronic muscle tensions, deep tissue massage reaches past the superficial layer of muscle to correct the body’s postural alignment. A method used to break down scar tissue, deep tissue massage allows for the improved blood circulation needed to help the body heal and restore itself to normal functioning.

Hot Stones
Hot Stone treatment uses Basalt stones immersed in hot water 46-49 degrees Celsius because of it’s soft texture and ability to hold heat. Once the stones are heated (to 46-49 degrees Celsius) they are strategically placed on various stress points throughout the body using the heat captures in the stones to warm areas of muscular tension so they relax.

Lymphatic Drainage
Lymphatic Drainage is a massage technique used to help the body rid itself of toxins. The lymphatic system carries infection-fighting agents throughout the body to maintain proper health and functioning. When the body is overworked, swelling and inflammation may occur in the muscles as a result of built up lymph fluid. Draining the lymphs restores proper circulation of the lymphatic system for healthy living.

Prenatal Massage
Prenatal massage is designed to bring relief to the stresses placed on the body during pregnancy. Throughout the three trimesters of pregnancy, the female body goes through many transformations in order to accommodate the fetus and prepare itself for the birthing process. As a result many women experience muscle and joint pain, along with cramps, swelling and gastric issues. Learn different body placements and soft touch techniques used to bring optimal relief to the expecting mother.

Reflexology targets pressure points in the feet that connect to different “zones” of the body by way of the nervous system. A benefit of reflexology is bringing relief to problem areas without having to manipulate the sore area directly.

AShiatsu Massage
AShiatsu Massage works in conjunction of the meridian lines found throughout the body. Practised on the floor and/or on a chair, the use of fingers and the palms presses on specific points that release energy blocks which restores the body’s balance and sense of well being. Spine Mobilization Technique has some chiropractic qualities that are great for relief of back pain. It uses slow movement with ending pressures on a joint eliminate joint restrictions, increasing healthy joint functioning. The technique itself has the resemblance of a gentle stretch coupled with repetitive, rocking motions to lubricate the joint and relax surrounding muscles.

Sports Massage
Sports Massage targets muscle groups needed to perform sports-specific tasks. With techniques to increase range of motion, stability, and flexibility, it is a great pre-game strategy to restore muscular balance for optimal performance. Sports massage also has a restorative property which uses techniques to relieve muscle fatigue after performance. Mostly practiced on healthy individuals, Sports massage is a preventative tool from muscle injury.

Swedish Massage
Swedish Massage is the foundation for most other massage techniques. With practice primarily in strokes, chops, knuckling, friction, vibrations and kneading, the technique itself is very dynamic and great for relieving muscle tensions while improving blood circulation.

Thai Yoga
Thai Yoga is a massage practice, originated in Thailand, which combines both massage and yoga techniques. With a strong focus on breath combined with stretches of the major muscle groups, Thai Yoga opens up the space between organs and joints for more efficient circulation of bodily fluids throughout the body and increased range of motion of movement.

Therapeutic Massage
Therapeutic Massage is great for stress relief. It works sight specific areas that will help increase blood circulation while giving the body a chance to relax and and release areas of tension.

Trigger Points
Trigger Point analysis is done on the body to find source problem areas of pain. Often a pain felt in the body has radiated from a different source area indicated by hyper-irritated spots of overactivated muscles, called the trigger point. To the touch, one can feel the bundle of shortened muscles. The musculature surrounding these trigger points are usually pulled tight. The aim of trigger point massage is to find the sources of pain throughout the body and apply the necessary pressures to relieve and eliminate pain at its origin.