Benefits of attending our school
Adam Pazaj is a master in the field of massage therapy. Paving the way to create a program that has employed many through the Société Nouvelle de Massothérapeute du Québec (SNMQ), and the Société Nouvelle de Naturopathie du Québec (SNNQ), Pazaj knows what it takes to not only be an employable massage therapist but an effective massage therapist.

All of the courses offered at L’École de Massothérapie Adam aim to increase the therapist’s understanding of the anatomical form and function as well as the importance of body and mind awareness and connection.

All training is hands on with small class sizes, key to receiving the one on one attention that gives you your money’s worth. If a student feels they need more practice, the faculty is always willing to go that extra mile with you by booking private lessons so you as a student leave your training confident in your abilities.
With a base in Swedish 1 or Shiatsu massage, filling the 400 credit requirement to be
employable as a registered massage therapist, the school also offers many additional courses
that help personalize your expertise, making you a unique and sought after therapist at
affordable competitive prices which will boost you to the Class Level 1 status of massage therapist in no time.

With flexible schedules that are available year round, becoming a massage therapist is made
easy to accommodate your life schedule. It will be a pleasure to see you in the classroom.